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The skin Microbiome needs Nutridermaceuticals® for beautiful-youthful-looking skin


The human body consists of approximately 30 trillion human cells and 20,000 genes. However, the microbiome that resides inside you and on your skin make-up 43% of your cell composition and have over 2,000,000 microbial genes. We are half our microbiome. The skin has a live ecosystem that helps support the trends of a natural beauty and skin health. Each person’s skin surface has a unique microbiome fingerprint comprising of billions of bacteria per cm2. The skin serves as the protective layer between you and the environment, while providing a balance of health benefits. Our Scientific and biomedical research demonstrates that the skin microbiome evolves and changes with the seasons. Using our Biomedical difference at Sentryca®, we translate this knowledge to produce superior formulations that help protect and enhance skin beauty through symbiotic associations of the skin’s biomatrix. Discover how we can help with our Microbiome Skin Nutridermaceuticals®

Sentryca Nutridermaceuticals® - Skin Nutrition with a Difference

Topical skin solutions using our exclusive Nutridermaceuticals® range of prebiotics to help transform skin. We are recognized as the industry leaders with our exclusive Responsive Extracellular Enhancement Technology (R.E.C.E.T)™ that help renew the skin biomatrix. Thise exclusive products enable our skin clinics with a biomedical difference that we translate from the laboratory, to the clinic and ultimately to clients. 

A balanced Skin Microbiome is crucial for healthy skin – A change with seasons

The skin microbiome is challenging the current perceptions of skin products. Sentryca consumer research  has revealed that people are receptive to the idea of the skin as a living ecosystem. This supports broader trends for innovation that enable consumer value, trust and benefits.   A balanced skin microbiome is crucial for skin health. Our Nutridermaceuticals® demonstrate consumer benefits by balancing the microflora of skin.

The Steps to skin microbiome beauty

Our skin care products have stimulated curiosity. This view has initiated change, and this is where the beauty industry should step up. Consumer trends indicate that people want clear and precise explanations about why controlling the skin’s micro-flora is relative to their specific skincare regime and skin concerns. In addition, they seek to understand which products work and how they work.

To help bring clarity and beauty, Sentryca and Dermatonics have developed a skin care with simple steps to the skin microbiome beauty;

We offer advanced skin Nutridermaceuticals®

The general market focus on offering probiotics. Consumers are likely to be familiar with probiotics in relation to gut health and live dairy products. However, it should be emphasized that when it comes to skincare products that contain natural plant extracts or extracts made by bacteria, rather than live cultures, can have enormous skin benefits. We design of our products to address specific concerns and enable benefits, such as controlling pigmentation, UV damage, wrinkle refining or clearing skin while keeping an emphasis on the overall skin health, holistic lifestyles and beauty.  

Our skin microbiome-friendly cleansers and moisturizers, help balance the skin microbiome with our range of Dermatonics cleansers, moisturizers, gels, mists, serums, enable the best opportunity to innovate , Redefine, Reposition & Rejuvenate skin.


THE SKIN MICROBIOME – a new level of skin wellbeing

At Sentryca, we know that the interactions between the epidermis and skin microbiome has an important role to play in a holistic beauty regime. This significance is still underestimated, we have taken a unique opportunity to combine two complementary approaches:

    • SKIN NUTRIDERMACEUTICALS® – deeply embedded in  innovation to deliver skin solutions;
    • R.E.C.E.T™, the approach to achieving the ultimate skin appearance and sensation by building a strong epidermal matrix.

We have combined our expertise and knowledge to create new innovative skin solutions using our exclusive Skin R.E.C.E.T™ approach to  beauty. This interplays synergy between the skin matrix and topical microbiome, enables rejuvenation, reinforcement, and restoration of healthy looking skin.

ELASTICEN® - our skin prebiotic skin matrix rejuvenator

A strong skin barrier and a well-balanced skin microbiome complex is essential for a healthy skin matrix rejuvenation & deep hydration to strengthen the skin surface and promote a harmonious interaction between skin, its microbiome and the environment.

Skin hydration is important for a balanced skin

Dry skin lacks water in the upper scaly layers that we generally shed through the days, whilst the underlying layers are normally hydrated by the skin’s internal aquaporins moisturizing mechanisms. Resolving and preventing dryness in the skin & scalp requires two approaches: First, moisture must be directed towards where it is most needed. Second, it is important to work on the skin homeostasis in synergy. Our ELASTICEN® works on both levels to boost the skin’s hydration & skin’s rejuvenation power.

The importance of hydration for a balanced skin microbiome

When the skin’s microbiome is imbalanced, microbial infiltration can lead to inflammation in the skin epidermis, including at the hair shaft. This causes the skin matrix barrier to weaken, and may result in undesirable flaking or excess shedding of skin or on the scalp. This leads to unpleasant conditions with microbial infiltration multiplying as the scalp’s protective barrier-function diminishes. Dermatonics® products offer solutions.

Dialogue between skin microbiota and your immune system

Adapted from – Science 21 Nov 2014: Vol. 346, Issue 6212, pp. 954-959. Potential mechanisms by which the skin microbiota may initiate or amplify skin disorders. Our results have shown that ELASTICEN® can influence the equilibrium of the microbiome species such as Malassezia and Staphylococcus epidermidis on the skin. In addition, independent in-vitro studies have demonstrated that ELASTICEN® effectively stimulates the epidermal matrix by influencing the skin flora and play a key role in barrier improvement and skin rejuvenation. 

3D maps reveal that skin has a diverse microbiome that are influenced by our skincare and hygiene products

Adapted from This advanced study looked at the human skin surface to identify the microbiome fingerprint and chemical signatures that they secrete onto the skin. A 3D picture (3) was created to show further understanding of the distribution of molecules produced by the microbiome all over the body. This integrative analysis demonstrates the different type of microbiome that live on the different surface areas around the body. Sentryca Nutridermaceuticals® help adjust your skin microbiome towards its balance while enabling beautiful skin complexions.  

We help influence Staphylococcus Epidermidis because research has shown that it can form biofilms that inhibit the healing process especially, in people who have type 2 diabetes. Health technology assessments (HTAs) have shown that the ingredients in our products also influence Staphylococcus aureus levels as part of the skin microbiome towards rebalancing it symbiotically. Dermatonics®  helps you regain control against eczema, dry skin conditions,  blemish and redness, oily skin,  pigmentation aspects, acne breakouts so you have confidence in achieving a stronger skin barrier and healthy-looking skin.

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