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Nutridermaceuticals® & the SkinMicrobiome
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Natural Skin Care - Skin Nutridermaceuticals®

Sentryca® provides an advance all natural skin care called Dermatonics®. A professional skin care range from The Blue Mountains of Australia.

Our exclusive Nutridermaceuticals® work in synergy with the Skin’s Microbiome to bring the best of nature to your skin and help enable beautiful looking skin.

Dermatonics® contain medicinal plants extracts, herbs, nutrients, spices, their combinations, and Trade Secrets to enable Beautiful Skin Naturally. 

Elasticen® – Nutridermaceuticals® that work in synergy with the skin’s microbiome to help enable skin vitality, elasticity, and a beautiful complexion of healthy looking skin.

We follow the European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, Australia AICIS and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for good agriculture and collection practices for medicinal plants, and OECD methods of testing and product preparation and developments.

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Natural - Fast acting - No chemicals

Formulated to help people live a more mobile life. A revolutionary product with Natural ingredients, Relievamed® helps calm joints and muscles.

The relief from Relievamed® helps increase mobility to help you to move through the day. Relievamed® also works well to help improve performance before and recovery post workouts and sports activities.

Relievamed® users report a quick recovery or less soreness and discomfort following muscle challenges and physical activity.

Dermatonics Clearskin®

This natural breakout prevention cream is revolutionary. Contains Sentryca Nutridermaceuticals® exclusive only to Sentryca® with an impressive list of ingredients that work with the skin microbiome, so you can have clearer skin and be acne free.

Formulated with scientific, effective, natural botanical extracts to stop breakouts and help prevent future breakouts.

A world first, patent protected product exclusive to Sentryca that actually works.

Dermatonics Clearskin® helps maintain a clear complexion without drying skin.

Based on scientific and biomedical evidence to support visible, clear skin.

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Helping Improve the Healing Process

A Super & natural scar therapy that helps assist scar tissue matrix remodeling,

Reduces trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), and helps minimize scar appearance.

Dermatonics Curascar® is specifically formulated with a our exclusive Responsive Extracellular Enhancement Technology (R.E.C.E.T)™  to help improve the appearances of scars.

The Biomedical Difference

Sentryca provides innovative natural prebiotic skincare designed to help diminish hyperpigmentation of Melasma. Dermatonics Melasmacare® will also help hydrate, nourish and repair the skin barrier.

Our Dermatonics® Brightening Essence will also help nurture uneven skin and discoloration to restore the skin’s microbiome, smoothness, softness, youthful and radiant looking skin.

Dermatonics® helps manage uneven skin tone, the promotion of smooth looking skin, aids in reducing the appearance of pores and serves as a superior premium blemish corrector

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Knowledge Makes All The Difference

Sentryca® provides consulting, formulation expertise and product testing services according to legislation. Our excellence in biomedical research is at the core of good quality control of products.

Excellence in Research & Development is an essential component of our success that we provide to clients. Our application of knowledge and skills from formal academic backgrounds are cutting-edge.

The experience in the fields of Human biochemistry, Stem cell technology, Biopharmaceuticals, Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials, Medical science, Environmental Science, Pharmacology and Dermabiogerontology® – The Aging Process of Skin & How to Reverse it, can help your product developments.


Natural skin care

All Natural skin care with herbal ingredients grown in our herbal medicine gardens around the world


Pain management

Sentryca provides an all natural muscle and joint rub that goes to work instantly


Skin Health Conditions

Products have helped skin conditions that customers previously thought to be a challenge

Acne breakout prevention

We provide a breakout prevention skin solution cream that is natural and has results that have helped over 96% of people

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